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The Corporation for National and Community Service plays a vital role in supporting the American culture of citizenship, service, and responsibility. We are a catalyst for community solutions and champion for the ideal that every American has skills and talents to give.

At a time of social need, CNCS and the network it supports engages more than 5 million Americans in results-driven service each year via 70,000 community and faith-based organizations. Through Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, the Social Innovation Fund, United We Serve, and other programs, CNCS taps the power of citizens to improve lives, solve problems, strengthen communities, and build the capacity of the nonprofit sector.

Participants in CNCS programs

  • mentor and tutor at-risk youth
  • rebuild communities struck by natural disasters
  • help seniors live independently
  • support veterans and military families
  • and more.

Based on principles of local control, competition, accountability, and public-private partnership, CNCS provides a “triple bottom line” return on investment: benefiting the recipients of service, the people who serve, and the larger community and nation.

The President’s Call to Service

In the summer of 2009, President Obama called on all Americans to make volunteerism and community service part of their daily lives. To that end, he tasked CNCS to lead United We Serve, an effort built on the belief that ordinary people can come together and achieve extraordinary things when given the proper tools. This initiative aims to both expand the impact of existing organizations by engaging new volunteers in their work and encourage volunteers to develop their own "do-it-yourself" projects.

Benefits of Volunteering and Service

Perhaps the first and biggest benefit people get from volunteering and service is the satisfaction of incorporating service into their lives, and making a difference in their community and country. The intangible benefits alone—such as pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment—are worthwhile reasons many Americans participate in service.

How to Get Involved

There are as many reasons to serve as there are people who serve. Volunteering is not just an altruistic act. It's an opportunity to advance in all areas of your life. You can get involved by visiting one of our program pages, or by checking out volunteer opportunities across the country on

Start a Project                   

Have an idea for a service project? Learn how to turn your volunteer idea into a successful service project using our do-it-yourself toolkits.

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