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Knowledge Initiative

The Social Innovation Fund (SIF) is committed to capturing and sharing the results and lessons learned from our investments. Through the Knowledge Initiative, we will share resources developed to support grantees and subgrantees, reflect on what has worked, what hasn’t, what we’ve learned, and share the results from the 70 plus SIF-funded evaluations currently underway.

Through the Knowledge Initiative (KI), the SIF:

  • Provides information on public-private partnerships, scaling, and evaluation findings of SIF intermediaries,
  • Captures best practices and lessons learned,
  • Informs partners and key stakeholders of challenges and success as similar initiatives are implemented,
  • And explores effective models that address pressing social challenges.

The SIF accomplishes this through the following:

A GHHI hazard reduction worker paints a new, lead-free window frame

Portfolio Spotlights

Knowledge Initiative spotlights are short stories that share progress of SIF intermediaries' projects focusing on 
program performance and model, evaluation, scaling and community partnerships.


The focus on evidence in SIF goes beyond confirming that the funded programs achieved their intended outcomes and impacts; it includes understanding how they are successful and how they can be improved.


A key goal of the SIF is to build the evaluation capacity of community-based organizations so they can successfully assess whether their programs are truly creating impact. The CNCS Evidence Exchange is a virtual repository of reports intended to help our grantees and other interested stakeholders find information about evidence- and research - based national service and social innovation programs.

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