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Social Innovation Fund grantees are actively investing in high-impact solutions across the country. Forty-nine grants have been awarded (eleven grants in 2010, five grants in 2011, four grants in 2012, fourteen grants in 2014, eight grants in 2015, and seven grants in 2016) to intermediary organizations implementing programs in three priority areas: economic opportunity, youth development, and healthy futures. Intermediaries were selected to receive funding for one to five years through a competitive application process conducted with openness and transparency.

The Social Innovation Fund grantees hold open competitions to select subgrantees and will be announcing awardees on a rolling basis. If you are interested in applying, please view our Request for Proposals page to view our grantees' active RFPs.

The table below identifies all of the grantees that have received awards from the Social Innovation Fund. To learn more about each grantee’s initiative and their subgrantees, please click on the intermediary names. Please note: This table is updated bi-annually to align with reporting periods.

IntermediaryYear SelectedAverage Annual Grant SizeYears of Funding Awarded# of Sub-grantees
AARP Foundation2014$  1.0 million35
AARP Foundation2015$  1.0 million37
Annie E. Casey Foundation2015$   1.5 million39
AIDS United2010$  2.0 million512
Boston Foundation2014$  2.0 million39
Capital Area United Way2012$  1.0 million20
Capital Impact Partners2011$  1.0 million210
Corporation for Supportive Housing (SIF Classic)2011$  1.15 million54
Corporation for Supportive Housing (SIF Pay for Success)2014$  0.3 million310
Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky2010$  1.0 million37
Friends of the Children (FOTC)2016$   1.0 million4TBD
Greater Twin Cities United Way, in partnership with Generation Next2012$  1.0 million56
Green & Healthy Homes Initiative2014$  0.3 million310
GreenLight Fund2012$  1.0 million24
Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab2014$  0.6 million311
Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab2016$  1 million2TBD
Institute for Child Success, Inc.2014$  0.4 million28
Jobs for the Future, Inc. - National Fund for Workforce Solutions2010$  3.2 million521
Jobs for the Future, Inc. - Opportunity Works2014$  2.0 million37
Local Initiatives Support Corporation2010$  4.2 million547
Local Initiatives Support Corporation2015$  3.7 million332
Local Inititiatives Support Corporation (Pay for Success)2016$  0.6 million2TBD
Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City2010$  5.7 million516
Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City2015$  2.0 million315
Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc.2014$  5.0 million49
Mile High United Way2011$  1.8 million210
Missouri Foundation for Health2010$  1.0 million36
National Council on Crime and Delinquency2014$  0.4 million24
Nebraska Children and Families Foundation2015$  1.0 million26
New Profit Inc.2010$  5.0 million36
Nonprofit Finance Fund2014$  1.8 million39
REDF2010$  1.5 million510
REDF2015$  3.5 million222
Share Our Strength2014$  2.0 million56
Silicon Valley Community Foundation2014$  2.5 million38
Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah's David Eccles School of Business2014$  1.2 million320
Sorenson Impact Center at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School, in partnership with Social Finance, Inc.2016$  1.3 million2TBD
The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation2010$  10.0 million39
The John A. Hartford Foundation2012$  1.0 million38
The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc.2016$ 1.0 million4TBD
Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc.2014$  0.6 million312
U.S. Soccer Foundation2011$  1.18 million513
United Way of Central Indiana2016$ 2.3 million 3TBD
United Way of Greater Cincinnati2010$  1.0 million38
United Way of Greenville County2014$  1.0 million35
United Way of Lane County2015$  2.0 million24
United Way for Southeastern Michigan2011$  2.0 million36
United Way of Southeastern Michigan2016$ 1.0 million4TBD
Venture Philanthropy Partners2010$  2.0 million56
Youthprise2015$  1.0 million36

Last update: September 6, 2016

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