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Each year during Senior Corps Week, we recognize the extraordinary impact Senior Corps volunteers make across our nation every day. This year, Senior Corps Week takes place May 16-20, 2016.

Senior Corps Week 2016

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Senior Corps Week is a time to salute volunteers from Foster Grandparent Program, RSVP, and Senior Companion Program, recognize community sponsors and partners, and communicate the impact of and on the lives of those who serve.
The theme for Senior Corps Week is #SeniorCorpsWorks.  Senior Corps works in countless ways to make communities stronger.  Throughout the country, Foster Grandparents are mentoring and tutoring students, Senior Companions are helping frail elderly remain in their own homes, and RSVP programs are providing services such as disaster relief, caring for the environment, supporting veterans and military families, and providing tax preparation services to low-income and elderly individuals. 
Take a look at the ways Foster Grandparents are tutoring and mentoring students in Baltimore, Syracuse and San Diego.  
Our Senior Corps Impact videos show how RSVP, Senior Companion, and Foster Grandparent volunteers step up to help make a difference in their communities. 

Senior Corps Pledge

Last year, we developed the Senior Corps pledge. This pledge should be administered to Senior Corps volunteers when they enter into service in the Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion, and RSVP programs and/or at other key moments during the year.  When administering the pledge to a single program audience, for example, Foster Grandparents, the last line would read, “I am a Senior Corps Foster Grandparent volunteer, and I will get things done.”  When administering to volunteers from multiple programs the last line would read, “I am a Senior Corps volunteer, and I will get things done.”

Tips on administering the pledge:
  • Recognize volunteers during Senior Corps Week, 
  • Plan a swearing-in ceremony at the beginning of service, 
  • Ask an elected official to swear-in volunteers during days of service such as Mayors Day. 
Senior Corps Pledge
I will get things done for America – to make our people safer, smarter, and healthier.
When faced with a pressing challenge, I will bring Americans of all generations together to strengthen our communities.
When faced with children at risk, I will help them stay in school and on track for a brighter future.
When faced with older adults in need, I will provide support and compassion so they may age with grace and dignity.
Working for the greatest good, I will use my lifetime of experiences to improve my country, my community, and myself through service.
I am a Senior Corps (RSVP, Foster Grandparent, Senior Companion) volunteer, and I will get things done.

New for 2016

Senior Corps is now offering the Senior Corps pledge in different languages. 

Impact Videos

From NYC – a city that never sleeps -- to small town West, Texas, Senior Corps volunteers are using their skills to make a difference. Watch and share these videos to learn more.

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Senior Corps Week Impact Guide

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Senior Corps Week Materials

Senior Corps Makes A Difference Video

Outreach Resources for Senior Corps Grantees

Promotional Ideas
We encourage you to promote Senior Corps by:
  • Administering the Senior Corps Pledge
  • Inviting partners (or those you’d like to be your partners) to serve with you for a day 
  • Branding your Senior Corps program. Check out our free resources including logos, brochures, name tags, site signs. 
  • Have an elected official issue a proclamation honoring the impact of Senior Corps volunteers
  • Amplify your accomplishments and promote your blog posts on the Senior Corps Facebook page and social media using #SeniorCorpsWorks and #IamSeniorCorps as your hashtags. Please use photos when sharing these sample tweets:
    - #SeniorCorpsWorks
    - How has SeniorCorps changed your community? Share your story! #IamSeniorCorps
    - What are you accomplishing through Senior Corps? Share your story! #SeniorCorpsWorks 
    - I serve in Senior Corps as a [FGP, SCP, RSVP] volunteer with [PROGRAM NAME] and I am helping to [ENTER PROGRAM DESCRIPTION] #SeniorCorpsWorks
  • Thank the partners and funders that make your service possible.
    - Thank you [Funder/Partner] for supporting [Program name] #SeniorCorpsWorks

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