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The Impact and Benefits of Serving

Senior Corps programs benefit the community, the organization, and the volunteer. Think of what you can do when you give your time to help your community:

A Senior Corps volunteer fields phone calls at a local call center from residents after a tornado that struck the Tuscaloosa, AL, area on April 27, 2011. Corporation for National and Community Service photo.

  • Help your community: Know that you are giving your time, talent, wisdom, and experience to your community and neighbors who need you.
  • Help yourself: Through service, you can add to the quality and health of your life. Research indicates that volunteers enjoy better health, make new friendships, stay active and involved in the community, and learn new skills.
  • Make a difference: Be part of a national movement to transform America through the involvement of its citizens.
  • Save money for the organizations you serve: By donating your time and skills, you help make funds go farther for organizations that address critical needs in your community.

Senior Corps service provides tangible benefits for volunteers. The Foster Grandparent and Senior Companions programs offer modest stipends and other ways to help offset the costs of your involvement. Other benefits include training and insurance.

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