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Wondering what to expect from your AmeriCorps service?

AmeriCorps is an Opportunity

Joining AmeriCorps is a way to put your idealism into action. As an AmeriCorps member, you can help make the world a better place: help children learn, protect the environment, or bring needed services to a low-income community

There are opportunities in AmeriCorps for anyone who is willing to do something special, something unique, something exciting.

AmeriCorps is an Experience

AmeriCorps is a real-life education and work experience wrapped into one. As a member, you will learn teamwork, leadership, responsibility and other essential skills that will help you for the rest of your life. And you will gain the personal satisfaction of taking on challenges and seeing results.

AmeriCorps Offers Tangible Benefits

Most AmeriCorps members receive student loan deferment, and training, and may receive a living allowance and limited health benefit options. After you complete your term of service, you will also receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to help pay for college, graduate school, or vocational training or to repay student loans.

Rules of Service

Please click on the links below to learn about the rules of service for each of three AmeriCorps programs: AmeriCorps State and National, AmeriCorps NCCC, and AmeriCorps VISTA. Each of these links provides access to the member handbooks, so if you are considering serving in AmeriCorps, these handbooks can also be very helpful in learning more about the programs and their benefits.

Our goal in sharing this information with you is to prevent any violations, or the appearance of violations, of these rules. To that end, if you have any questions about activities you are asked to perform, we encourage you to contact your program supervisor or the National Service Hotline at 1-800-942-2677. If you believe that prohibited activities are occurring, please contact the National Service Hotline at 1-800-942-2677 or, if you wish to keep your identity confidential, the Office of Inspector General Hotline at 1-800-452-8210.

I'm Ready to Serve!

Join AmeriCorps!

Do you want to help a kid succeed in school? Or protect a national forest? Or help a family rebuild their home after a devastating disaster?

When you join AmeriCorps, you use your energy, ideals, and talents to help others. Plus, you’ll earn money for education, learn to be a leader, and gain real job skills.

My AmeriCorps

The My AmeriCorps website provides a one-stop-shop for all AmeriCorps members and alumni - with information, self-service capabilities and access to the Online Payment System.

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