AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary - Marketing Materials

Here are a few free marketing resources to help you spread the word about AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary

AmeriCorps: Your World Your Chance to Make it Better Brochure

Designed for potential members, this brochure can be used to educate, inform and encourage young people about the AmeriCorps program. Includes anecdotes, program benefits, and further resources.

AmeriCorps Fact Sheet

AmeriCorps Fact Sheet

Ideal for recruitment of potential members, the AmeriCorps factsheet contains information about the impact of AmeriCorps, the facets of the program, services provided, and fast facts.

My AmeriCorps Story bookmark

AmeriCorps Bookmarks

Ideal for high schools, colleges, libraries, and service projects, these bookmarks can be distributed to encourage AmeriCorps and service as an option for young people. (Available in sets of 25)

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