VISTA Summer Associate Program

The VISTA Summer Associate program offers individuals the opportunity to become engaged in a community through an existing VISTA project for 8 to 10 weeks during the summer. VISTA encourages existing sponsors and partners who work with disadvantaged youth to consider using the Summer Associates program to enhance their existing programs as appropriate by providing opportunities to engage disadvantaged youth in productive service activities in the summer.

A VISTA Member Helping Out!Summer Associates choose from projects throughout the country, based on their skills and interests, and serve with community-based organizations, working to overcome poverty. Assignments may involve academic tutoring; camp counseling; recruiting and training community volunteers; teaching computer literacy skills; establishing partnerships with local businesses, organizations, churches, and schools; planning community meetings; or handling public relations. Whatever the task or challenge, VISTA Summer Associates make a lasting difference for low-income communities in need.

VISTA Summer Associate projects not only meet community needs year after year, they also provide invaluable experience for the Associates who get an introduction to the plight of the poor and increase their sensitivity to poverty-related issues.

Any sponsor of a year-round VISTA project can apply to host a Summer Associate project to help expand the organization’s capacity to solve community problems. Applications for Summer Associates are submitted and processed through My AmeriCorps.

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AmeriCorps VISTAhas changed America for the better by serving front lines in the War onPoverty. We want to know how our alumni have shaped this battle. Share yourmemories on social media and tag them #IamVISTA. 
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