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AmeriCorps NCCC Team Leader


Team Leaders provide experience and leadership to teams of AmeriCorps NCCC and FEMA Corps members as they work to strengthen communities. Team Leaders coordinate the activities of 8-12 corps members per team, ages 18-24, in service projects that generally last 6-8 weeks.


AmeriCorps NCCC seeks applicants who are experienced supervisors with prior service experience in communities, schools, the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, youth corps programs, or the U.S. military, and who have demonstrated leadership experience. Applicants must be at least 18 years old; a U.S. citizen, U.S. national or lawful permanent resident alien; and have a valid U.S. driver's license.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise, motivate, direct, and coordinate a team of young adults in a structured program of service, education, and training; maintain order; develop positive team morale; foster teamwork; monitor standards of behavior; ensure the safety of the members, including the proper use of equipment; model a good work ethic and work alongside members to set the work pace.
  • Plan daily and weekly team schedules that will result in the execution of project objectives and activities. Manage service-learning projects, locally or on spikes (sites away from the main campus where teams establish temporary living arrangements for up to two months).
  • Assist and support member development through regular assessment and goal setting. Ensure the development of good work habits on site as well as career and interpersonal skills off site.
  • Assist and support members in the development of leadership skills. Identify and nurture leadership opportunities at the service project site and otherwise.
  • Coordinate project logistics with unit leaders and project sponsors, participate in staff and member meetings, and serve as programmatic and administrative liaison between members and staff.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled team meetings designed to unify team members by building consensus, resolving conflicts, and providing structured feedback.
  • Oversee the care, safety and well-being of members.
  • Facilitate, encourage, support, and model service-learning integration. Conduct or coordinate training such as skills building workshops, safe work practices, team-building exercises, mini-courses, and physical training in collaboration with NCCC staff.
  • Manage budgets for spikes and submit written reports on project progress, achievements, and accomplishments; member evaluations; and special activities or incidents. Maintain daily records, leave of absence requests, service forms, etc.
  • Monitor clean-up of common areas of living quarters, room cleanliness, uniform appearance, desk-staffing, quiet hours, and adherence to all AmeriCorps NCCC policies. Support residential life experience through conflict mediation, crisis intervention, counseling, etc.
  • Represent AmeriCorps NCCC to the media, as necessary.


Team leaders receive a living allowance of $12,500, room and board, and limited health and child care benefits. Like AmeriCorps NCCC members, team leaders will receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award following the successful completion of the program.

Team Leader Requirements

  • Relocate to one of five regional campuses in Baltimore, MD; Denver, CO; Sacramento, CA; Vicksburg, MS; and Vinton, IA. From there, teams are deployed throughout the region on service projects.
  • Make a full-time, 11-month commitment.
  • Serve with diverse groups of people and manage conflicts.
  • Enforce campus policies and regulations.
  • Submit a current driving record.


How to Apply

To apply for an AmeriCorps NCCC Team Leader position, applicants will need to create an account with My AmeriCorps, the online AmeriCorps Recruitment System. Applications are reviewed by the regional campuses. The campuses conduct interviews, make selections, and correspond with applicants as needed.

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