Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

What happens if an individual who isn’t eligible to receive the full value of an education award (based on the aggregate value of awards received for prior terms) leaves for compelling personal circumstances?

An individual must successfully complete his or her term of service in order to receive the education award the individual is eligible to receive. An individual who is only approved to receive a discounted education award, and who leaves early for compelling personal, circumstances will receive a corresponding portion of the discounted amount.

What happens if a member is not eligible to receive the entire award offered for a term of service, based on the value of awards previously awarded?

To ensure that no individual receives more than the aggregate value of 2 full-time education awards, an individual who, based upon the aggregate value of education awards previously received, is not eligible to receive the entire award amount offered for a term of service, will instead receive the portion of the education award that he or she is eligible to receive. The award will be reduced (or discounted) to correspond to the remaining value of the education award for which the individual is eligible.

May an individual who has already received the aggregate value of two education awards serve another term in VISTA and receive a stipend for the service?

Yes. The individual may serve a third term in VISTA and accept the cash stipend upon successful completion. To confirm that you are eligible to serve another term, please contact your program or project sponsor.

Do education awards that were received prior to the effective date of the rule count toward the maximum value of education awards an individual may receive?

Yes. The national service laws, as amended by the Serve America Act, do not differentiate between awards received prior to the effective date and those received subsequent to the effective date. All awards earned in the past will have a value attributed to them for the purposes of this section. Thus, if an individual has received two full-time education awards in the past, that individual is not eligible to receive another education award.

What is the “value” of an education award and how is it determined?

For the purpose of the limitation on education award receipt, “value” is distinct from “amount.” The value of an education award is equal to the actual amount of the education award received divided by the amount of a full-time education award in the fiscal year in which the position upon which the award is based was approved.

The value of an education award received


The amount of the award received

--------DIVIDED BY--------

For AmeriCorps State and National members, does the amount of the Education Award depend on the date the member’s position was approved by the Corporation or the date the member was enrolled by the program?

The amount of the Education Award depends on the date in which the member's position was approved by the Corporation.

Will the amount of the award change?

The amount of the full-time Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is based on the maximum amount of the Pell grant for the award year in which the Corporation approved the national service position.

The amount of the award a member may receive by completing a term in an approved national service position will change to correspond to the amount of the Pell Grant, and may change every year. However, once an award is earned the amount does not change to reflect future changes in the updated amount of the Pell Grant. Awards earned in prior years will not increase in value.

What is the maximum amount of an education award that can be earned?

Beginning with terms of service that were supported with 2010 funds, the maximum education award amount is equivalent to the maximum value of the Pell Grant for the award year for which the national service position was approved. Approval of national service positions is managed differently for VISTA and NCCC members than for AmeriCorps State and National members. VISTA and NCCC members may be eligible for the new amount several months earlier than AmeriCorps State and National members.


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