Is there an age requirement?

There are no upper age limits for Team Leaders. Corps Members must be between 18 and 24 years old. A person shall be eligible for selection for the national service program if the person—

  1. is, or will be, at least 18 years of age on or before December 31 of the calendar year in which the individual enrolls in the program, but is not more than 24 years of age as of the date the individual begins participating in the program; and
  2. is a high school graduate or has not received a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Do I get paid?

For all AmeriCorps programs, members receive a modest living allowance, and some programs provide housing. You may not save much money during your year of service, but most members find the living allowance to be adequate to cover their needs. AmeriCorps members who complete a term of service also receive an AmeriCorps Education Award.

Is AmeriCorps like Peace Corps?

Yes. AmeriCorps is often referred to as "the domestic Peace Corps." Both agencies are committed to service, and both offer challenging and rewarding full-time opportunities. Peace Corps assignments are all overseas, and AmeriCorps members serve only in the US. While Peace Corps Volunteers serve for two years, a stint in AmeriCorps usually lasts 10 months to one year. (Some AmeriCorps projects also offer part-time opportunities, and some AmeriCorps members serve more than one term of service.)

I'm confused. There are different programs, with different names, but they're all AmeriCorps?

Yes, basically. AmeriCorps is a national network of hundreds of programs throughout the U.S. Two of these programs are managed nationally: AmeriCorps VISTA and AmeriCorps NCCC. The other programs are under the general heading of AmeriCorps, and they are found in local and national organizations throughout the US. Depending upon your interests and availability, we can help you determine which program might be best for you.


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