AmeriCorps NCCC

If I am recommended for service in NCCC, what is the probability that I will be invited to serve?

If recommended for service in NCCC, applicants are placed on a list of eligible applicants. NCCC’s allotted member positions are filled through a random selection of applicants.

At any time an individual may decline their position, including the day prior to the start of the program. If and when positions become available, NCCC continues to make random selections from the waitlist to fill vacated member slots.  We do not guarantee positions to all applicants recommended for the NCCC program.

What does the application assessment involve? Will I be interviewed?

NCCC application assessments involve reviewing applicants in the following areas when performing application assessments: interest, motivation, flexibility, adaptability, collaboration, and accountability.

In some instances, assessors may require further information before determining an applicant’s eligibility for the program.  When this occurs a follow up interview will be conducted with the applicant.  You can prepare for a follow up interview by finding out as much as possible about the NCCC program. You should respond to the interview questions sincerely and honestly.

Can I apply for more than one AmeriCorps NCCC track?

Yes. You can use the same application to apply to FEMA Corps and AmeriCorps NCCC as a Team Leader or Corps Member. Simply search listings for AmeriCorps NCCC, and click on each listing to select “apply now” for each opportunity that interests you. If you do not submit your application to a position, your application will not be considered, so be sure to select “apply now” for each. You will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission.

What skills do I need to have?

Your motivation and commitment are the primary requirement. Members should be ready to live and serve in a community setting with a highly diverse group of people. There will be rules and regulations to follow. Flexibility, initiative, and an open mind are key to having a successful AmeriCorps NCCC experience.

What types of service projects will I be doing?

  • Filling and installing sandbags for local communities to mitigate the impact of natural disasters
  • Educating people on sustainability and energy conservation practices
  • Constructing or repairing hiking trails in local and national parks across America
  • Receiving, inventorying, and distributing, donated food and other goods
  • Removing exotic vegetation and planting new trees
  • Making facilities handicap accessible and installing informative public signs
  • Directly assisting veterans, homeless, and senior citizen populations
  • Constructing and


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