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Which institutions are considered qualified institutions?

Qualified institutions are institutions of higher education (including graduate and professional programs), as well as qualified vocational schools that currently participate in the Department of Education‘s Title IV student aid programs. An institution is considered a Title IV school, if it has an agreement with the U.S. Department of Education making its students eligible for at least one of the federally backed forms of financial assistance (such as Pell Grants, Perkins Loans, Stafford Loans, National Direct Loans, and Federal Consolidated Loans).

Legislation enacted in 2009 expanded the use of the award to include enrolling in courses, programs of education, apprenticeships, and on job training programs that have been approved under the Montgomery and Post 9/11 G.I. Bills. These programs and educational institutions or training establishments offering the programs are referred to as “G.I. Bill approved programs”. Since not all G.I. Bill approved programs are offered by Title IV educational institutions, special rules apply. See the next question for a further explanation of which members qualify to use their awards at these programs.

If an educational program is both a G.I. Bill approved program and offered by a Title IV institution, anyone with an education award can use it for that program, by virtue of it being a Title IV school. To make sure that a course or program is qualified, check with the financial aid office, business office, or veteran’s affairs office of the institution before making specific plans.

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