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What happens if an individual who isn’t eligible to receive the full value of an education award (based on the aggregate value of awards received for prior terms) leaves for compelling personal circumstances?

An individual must successfully complete his or her term of service in order to receive the education award the individual is eligible to receive. An individual who is only approved to receive a discounted education award, and who leaves early for compelling personal, circumstances will receive a corresponding portion of the discounted amount.

For example, a member enrolls in a term of service offering an award amount of $5,350, but is only eligible to receive an award of $3,000 based on the aggregate value of education awards the member has already received. If this member exits the term for compelling personal circumstances after serving 50% of the term, the member will receive $1,500, or 50% of $3,000 (the discounted value of the education award amount for which the individual was approved).

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