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What are the other benefits?

Additional benefits include training, limited health care benefits, relocation expenses, student-loan forbearance or deferment and non-competitive eligibility for a federal government position. You may also be eligible for childcare assistance should you need it. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the experience of making a positive change in your community and your country. But there are other benefits as well. VISTAs serve for a variety of reasons, from wanting to make the world a better place to discovering a life-changing adventure. For one year, you will be doing everything you can to create and expand programs that ultimately bring individuals and communities out of poverty.

As a VISTA, you’ll gain:

  • Memorable experiences
  • Highly developed skills
  • New friends
  • A sense of belonging to a community
  • Feeling of waking up every morning to help the world
  • A new challenge

Recent graduates gain the kind of real-world experience they can’t find in a typical entry-level job. Experienced adults apply their skills and knowledge to serious social problems and discover previously untapped strengths.

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