If I am assigned to the wait list, what is the probability that I will be invited to serve?

As spots on campus become available, waitlisted applicants who have submitted the required clearance paperwork will be invited to serve on campus. These offers can come very late in the process--in some cases, only days before the planned campus start dates. The possibility of selection from the waitlist depends on the total number of applicants as compared to the number of available member slots. Chances of selection for service from the waitlist are typically higher for campuses beginning in the winter.

If you are not selected from the waitlist, you can maximize your future chances of receiving a campus invitation by:

  1. Strengthening your AmeriCorps application (see our Visual Guide to the AmeriCorps NCCC Application for advice), and
  2. Applying as early as possible for the next AmeriCorps NCCC cycle (Open listings visible here)

Whether a Corps Member applicant to AmeriCorps NCCC receives a waitlist vs. campus invitation is based on both the application quality as well as how early an application was submitted.

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