What are the selection process and criteria?

All applicants receive an acknowledgement packet within three weeks of submitting their application.  The packet contains information about the program and instructs applicants to call a toll-free telephone number to continue the application process.

Upon calling the toll-free number, applicants are asked to respond to several questions about their willingness to participate in all aspects of the program. Applicants who successfully clear the pre-screening are notified of the day their application will be assessed.

If recommended for service in NCCC, applicants are placed on a waitlist of eligible applicants. Applicants have to respond within 10 business days of receiving their status packet by returning the confirmation form, a completed medical/mental health history form, and fingerprint card in a pre-paid envelope that is provided in the mailing.

The program’s allotted member positions are filled through a random selection of the waitlisted applicants. If an applicant is selected for a position in NCCC an acceptance letter providing a campus assignment will be sent to them.

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