Transition at the Corporation for National and Community Service

Feb 12, 2010

Dear Colleagues,

Earlier today President Obama today formally appointed Patrick Corvington as the Corporation’s new CEO. This is the final step in the confirmation process, other than the Oath of Office, which Patrick will take next week.

On behalf of the Board, I want to welcome Patrick to the Corporation. With strong leadership skills, extensive knowledge of the nonprofit sector, and decades of experience in the field, Patrick will lead the Corporation and the larger service movement it supports to higher levels of impact, innovation, and excellence, not just expanding service but making it more effective at tackling our most pressing national challenges. I know we all look forward to getting to know him and to working with him in the months and years ahead.

I also want to express my deep appreciation for the outstanding leadership that Nicky Goren has provided as Acting CEO over the past 15 months. Nicky led the Corporation during a period of extraordinary change, growth and progress, from the transition to a new Administration and passage of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act to the launch of United We Serve and approval of a historic budget, all while keeping a strong focus on management. We’re grateful for Nicky’s service, and pleased she will continue as a Senior Counselor to the CEO.

Given the many challenges facing our communities – and the growing interest in service by Americans of all ages – this is a moment of unprecedented need and opportunity for the Corporation and the larger service sector. With strong leadership from Patrick Corvington, the commitment of the President, the bipartisan support of Congress, and hard work from those on the frontlines of citizen service, we have a unique opportunity to engage more Americans in service, strengthen the nonprofit sector, and meet the vital needs of our communities and the nation.

Stephen Goldsmith
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Corporation for National and Community Service

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