CEO Message - National Service Legislative Update

Nov 7, 2007

Dear Colleagues,

Last night the House passed the conference report on H.R. 3403, the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill for Fiscal 2008. The bill recommends $873,929,000 for the Corporation for National and Community Service and its programs. The numbers break down as follows:

  • Senior Corps: $217,586,000
    • RSVP: $59,685,000
    • Foster Grandparent: $110,937,000
    • Senior Companion: $46,964,000
  • AmeriCorps VISTA: $95,468,000
  • AmeriCorps Grants: $261,371,000
  • National Service Trust: $126,121,000
  • State Commission Administrative Grants: $12,000,000
  • AmeriCorps NCCC: $24,205,000
  • Learn and Serve America: $38,125,000
  • Partnership Grants: $0
  • Innovation, Demonstration, and Assistance: $19,229,000
  • Evaluation: $3,960,000
  • Salaries & Expenses: $68,964,000
  • Inspector General: $6,900,000

Total: $873,929,000

The Senate has scheduled the conference report for floor action late this afternoon. The conference report, explanatory statement, updated charts, and other budget materials are available in the budget section of the Corporation’s website.

Also last night, the House passed by a 410-0 vote the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act (HEART) Act, which includes a provision that disregards allowances paid to all AmeriCorps members for the purpose of determining Supplemental Security Income eligibility and benefit amounts. We will be working with the Senate Finance Committee to add the exclusion for SSDI benefits as the bill moves through the Senate. For more information on this bill, click here.

In Service,

David Eisner

Media Contact

Samantha Jo Warfield
(202) 491-8250

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