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Every day, millions of Americans face health problems that reduce their quality of life. Nearly half of U.S. adults don’t get needed preventive health services, too many of our nation’s children and youth have unhealthy eating habits and don’t get enough exercise, and many of those over 65 need physical assistance to live independently in their homes during their golden years.

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) provides much-needed services to underserved areas to help our citizens improve their health through a three-pronged approach of assistance, prevention, and intervention. The tools we use are found in successful programs that increase the ability of individuals and communities to address their specific health concerns.

AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps VISTA members are involved through the Community Health Corps, a CNCS program that places workers in health centers around the nation to improve access to primary and preventative health care. Senior Corps RSVP volunteers are working to fill in gaps in community outreach and services, whether that involves transporting patients to doctor’s appointments, providing respite services for full-time home caregivers, or screening children for health issues in our schools.

Our programs cover a wide scope of needs and issues. They serve rural and urban communities, engage youth in physical activity and teach them the importance of nutrition, provide in-home services to seniors to make daily tasks easier, and connect people with programs and information to help them have healthier lives.

During the next five years, CNCS will continue to support programs and interventions that utilize well-trained, culturally competent staff and volunteers who make extended service commitments and invest significant time working one-on-one with people who need help the most.

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