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Recognizing Mark Gearan

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Resolution expressing the profound sympathy of the Board to the Kennedy family at the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

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Directing the Chief Executive Officer to continue to engage in an open and transparent process to obtain input from the public to inform the agency’s implementation of the Serve America Act and adoption of a new five-year Strategic Plan, and to keep the Board of Director apprised of the activities and results of the public process.

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Directing the Chief Executive Officer to ascertain the challenges faced by national service programs during the economic crisis, act expeditiously where possible, and explore creative ways for programs to meet community needs in a more cost-effective manner.

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Board Consultation on Compensation Policies.

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Directing CEO to submit to the Board, for its review and approval, program descriptions, annual guidelines or other notifications to grants for AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and Lean and Serve America.


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