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What is Summer of Service?
Summer of Service is a campaign to engage more young people, particularly those from disadvantaged circumstances, in service during the summer months. The campaign is sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service in collaboration with USA Freedom Corps. Summer of Service is supported by AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, Learn and Serve America, AmeriCorps VISTA, the National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), and hundreds of non-profit organizations nationally.

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In its first three years, the Social Innovation Fund has awarded $137 million to 20 grantmaking intermediaries. These grantees have strong track records of identifying and growing high-performing nonprofit organizations and represent the diversity of the social sector.

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Through its various programs and initiatives, the Corporation for National and Community Service is a key source of support to help nonprofit and faith-based organizations recruit, train, manage, and use volunteers. The Corporation's five-year Strategic Plan identifies volunteer mobilization as one of its top priorities, and sets a national goal of 75 million adult volunteers in the United States by the year 2010.

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Natural disasters affect millions of families every year, putting their homes and lives at risk. Their often unpredictable nature can leave communities off-guard and stress the support networks of families and first responders.

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) believes disaster preparedness and response is critical to our national security, and that volunteers can support the work of first responders and speed recovery for those affected.

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As Mayors and other city leaders work to meet increasing demands for social services, many are recognizing the critical role that citizen volunteers can play in meeting community needs. Research has shown that cities with high levels of volunteering and civic engagement have a higher quality of life–stronger local economies, less crime, more parental engagement in schools.


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