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Certain key provisions and rules including the single match are only represented in appropriations language. Staff will provide an update each year regarding new rules or provisions included in appropriations language.

AmeriCorps VISTA

Grant Management Resources

Oversight, Assessment, and Monitoring

CNCS is responsible for ensuring all federal resources are appropriately managed, which includes conducting monitoring visits to award recipients (e.g., grantees, cooperative agreement recipients, sponsors). In addition, the State Administrative Standards Review (ASR) process is the most comprehensive monitoring tool that the Corporation for National and Community Service uses to assess the administrative capacity of state commissions and is used for AmeriCorps State monitoring activities, including desk reviews and on-site monitoring visits.

Identity and Citizenship Verification Process

The Corporation for National and Community Service is pleased to announce that the process for verifying the identity and citizenship status of individuals applying to serve in AmeriCorps has been automated.

By law, to serve in an approved AmeriCorps position, an individual must be a citizen, national, or lawful permanent alien of the United States (42 U.S.C. 12602(a)(3)). To comply with this requirement prior to February 27, 2012, AmeriCorps grantees and sponsors manually reviewed and maintained identity and citizenship documentation to ensure an applicant was eligible to service in a national service position.

With the signing of this agreement, upon an individual accepting a position (or in regards to many AmeriCorps State and National positions, when the organization enrolls the individual), the individual’s information will be automatically reviewed by the Social Security Administration within three business days. If the individual’s information is verified, the AmeriCorps grantee or sponsor will not need to do anything. The individual’s status will appear as “Verified” in their My AmeriCorps account and in eGrants for your records.

If the individual’s information cannot be automatically verified by the Social Security Administration, AmeriCorps State and National grantees will receive an email regarding next steps which will include a request for documentation. AmeriCorps VISTA sponsors will be contacted by the CNCS state office regarding next steps. For both grantees and sponsors in this scenario, the grantee or sponsor will need to review and verify the individual’s documentation and provide copies to CNCS.

Within eGrants, the status of an individual’s identity and citizenship review can also now be seen at any time. We strongly encourage you to review the FAQs for where this information can be found in eGrants and other questions that will be of assistance to you in regard to the automated identity and citizenship verification process.

If you have any questions, please contact the National Service Hotline at 1-800-942-2677 or via webform.

Closeout Documents and Instructions

CNCS grants usually are awarded for a three-year project period, consisting of three yearly budget periods. CNCS direct grantees are responsible for meeting the submission deadlines for closeout. Closeout documents are due to your corporation Grants Officer no later than 90 days after the expiration of the Project Period. Read the Closeout Instructions document to fully understand the requirements.

National Service Criminal History Checks

The Corporation for National and Community Service has issued regulations requiring grantees to conduct and document National Service Criminal History Checks on AmeriCorps State and National program participants, as well as on participants in other Corporation programs.

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