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Wed, 01/22/2014
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In the FY 2014 AmeriCorps competition, CNCS seeks to prioritize the investment of national service resources in economic opportunity, education, veterans and military families, disaster services, and the Governor and Mayor Initiative. CNCS will continue to focus on national service programs that improve academic outcomes for children, youth, and young adults. This focus reflects the extensive experience and past success of national service programs in education, and aligns with the efforts of the Department of Education. In addition, CNCS seeks to increase its investment in programs that serve veterans and military families or engage veterans and military families in service. CNCS will also focus investment in programs that increase community resiliency through disaster preparation, response, recovery, and mitigation. CNCS will focus investment in programs that increase economic opportunities for communities and AmeriCorps members.
Finally, CNCS will focus on summer programming for K-12 students, especially those programs that address the academic “summer slide.” Proposed activities will engage youth and young adults as summer members to help support summer reading, math, science, and environmental learning activities for youth in rural and urban areas most likely at risk of summer learning loss.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for applications to the 2014 NOFO has BEEN EXTENDED.  The required email of Intent to Apply will not change. Applications are due Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. CNCS expects that successful applicants will be notified no later than May 2, 2014, contingent on timely full year appropriations.

Intent to Apply:

CNCS has extended the due date for submitting a letter of intent for VetSuccess applications only. The new due date for VetSuccess letters of intent is January 21, 2014 by 5:00 pm Eastern. The due date for other AmeriCorps State and National applications has passed and will not be extended.
Notifications for VetSuccess applications should be sent by e-mail to SUBJECT: AmeriCorps State and National Notice of Intent. CNCS will not consider notifications received after the deadline. Failure to submit a Notice of Intent to Apply will render an applicant ineligible to apply. All Notices of Intent to Apply will receive an email response acknowledging receipt. Single state programs applying through a State Commission should not provide this information directly to CNCS.
The Notice of Intent to Apply should include the name of the applicant organization, address, contact person, e-mail address, and phone number. Applicants should state the type of grant for which they intend to apply and that the application will address VetSuccess. State Commissions must include an estimate of the number of new VetSuccess applications planned for submission. Continuation applicants should not submit a letter of intent to apply.
For programs other than VetSuccess that are applying directly to CNCS for an AmeriCorps grant to be eligible for this competition, submission of a Notice of Intent to Apply was required by Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Only those who have submitted a letter of intent to apply are eligible to apply.
Funding Announcement and Application Instructions

To access the Notice of Funding Opportunity, please click here.

To access the Application Instructions, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions will be compiled and regularly updated.

Frequently Asked Questions as of 1/14/2014

Performance Measure Instructions:

Tutorial for completing the Performance Measures screens in eGrants

2014 Performance Measure Instructions

Technical Assistance Information

Technical Assistance Documents

Technical Assistance Call Schedule and Registration  

All calls will be recorded and the replay will be available one hour after the call has ended. The replay will be available for all calls until January 8, 2014. Use links below to learn how to register or get the replay number. Note: each call has some required pre-call reading materials.

Calls will be limited to 150 people. The replay number will be posted to the website after the call. If applicants are interested in just listening to the call, please use the replay number. If multiple staff members from the same organization with to participate, please register only once and use the same call-in line.

  • AmeriCorps Basics: Addresses questions about the basic concepts and components of AmeriCorps State and National grants, the application review timeline and other general questions about AmeriCorps.
    • Thursday, October 31 at 1 pm EDT - Replay call available at 1-800-839-2311   

  • AmeriCorps Program Management and Design: If you have questions ranging from appropriate AmeriCorps member service activities, staffing for the program, grantee responsibilities and other questions related to program design or program management.
    • Tuesday, November 12 at 1 pm EST - Replay call available at 1-888-566-0432
    • Thursday, November 21 at 1 pm EST - Replay call available at 1-800-945-7576
    • For Indian Tribes - Thursday, November 21 at 2 pm EST - Replay call available at 1-866-466-0582 
  • AmeriCorps Grant NOFO Selection CriteriaAddresses questions about the AmeriCorps grant application selection criteria, grant review process and other questions that need addressed in order to complete your application.
    • Thursday, November 7 at 1 pm EST - Replay call available at 1-866-421-6875; Passcode: 3795
    • Wednesday, December 4 at 1 pm EST - Replay call available at 1-800-813-5525
    • Monday, December 9 at 1 pm EST - Replay call available at 1-800-873-9204.
  • AmeriCorps NOFO – Veterans and Military Families Focus Area: Addresses questions about the Veterans and Military Families focus area, performance measures for this focus area and an introduction to the VetSuccess AmeriCorps initiative.
    • Tuesday, November 26 at 1pm EST - Replay call available at 1-800-231-7741; passcode 1013. 

  • NEW CALL - VetSuccess AmeriCorps: This call will focus on the VetSuccess AmeriCorps partnership with the Department of Veterans Affails. Please join this call if you are interested in applying to place AmeriCorps members on college campuses to support student veterans in collaboration with VSOC counselors.
  • NEW CALL - AmeriCorps NOFO – Veterans and Military Families Focus Area: This call is directed at the broader audience of grant applicants for Veterans and Military Families-focused AmeriCorps programs. Please join this call if you are interested in learning about ways to support veterans and military families and involve them in AmeriCorps programs, or you want further guidance on performance measures associated with this grant. 
  • AmeriCorps NOFO – US Territories: Addresses questions on developing an AmeriCorps application that includes offering programs within one or more US territories.
    • Thursday, December 5 at 5:30 pm EST- Replay call available at 1-866-501-5090; passcode 5404. 

Additional Resources for AmeriCorps Grant Applicants

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