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System Outage Information

As CNCS moves forward with technology, our accounting system, Momentum will be moving ahead to the cloud. This is a friendly reminder that the following CNCS applications will be offline for this move from Friday, June 3rd at 9pm (ET) and will be back online Monday, June 6th by 8am (ET):

  • Member Portal
  • Staff Portal
  • Grantee Portal
  • eGrants Phase 2
  • eGrants Classic
  • eSPAN

If you incur any issues with our applications please contact the OIT Help Desk (ext - 6600) or if you know its Momentum related please contact or (703) 227-6899.

These outage dates have been reviewed with the Programs and HQ teams to ensure that they do not conflict with any current reviews or other activities. We appreciate your patience!

eGrants Log-in

eGrants is an online system designed to automate the entire grants and project management process from application to closeout, which includes:


  • Submission and tracking grant applications and concept papers.
  • Online grant application peer review.
  • Negotiating and awarding grants and cooperative agreements,
  • Managing grants and cooperative agreements including processing amendments, and continuations.
  • Creating, submitting and editing your recruitment listings.
  • Selecting applicants and searching for applicants.
  • Approving project transportation (V-81) forms (VISTA only).
  • Financial Status and Progress Reporting.

Here is a tutorial that explains how to create and manage an eGrants account.

eGrants Help Desk Information

Phone: 1-800-942-2677
Online: National Service Hotline
Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time.
(Only open on Fridays in January, and May through September: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time.)
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