Current Funding Opportunities

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) provides grants to national and local nonprofits, schools, government agencies, faith-based and other community organizations and other groups committed to strengthening their communities through volunteering.

Grants are either made directly to an organization or through an intermediary group that handles the distribution of grant funding. Eligibility requirements and funding opportunities vary by program. 

Visit our AmeriCorps and Senior Corps grant pages to find additional information about grant availability for those programs.

To review current program grants, visit the Notices of Funds Availability / Notice of Funding Opportunities page. To review previous funding opportunities, visit our Archived Funding Opportunties page.

Applying for New Grants and Managing Existing Grants

Please visit the eGrants page for the following:

  • Submission and tracking grant applications and concept papers;
  • On-line grant application peer review;
  • Negotiating and awarding grants and cooperative agreements;
  • Managing grants and cooperative agreements including processing amendments, and continuations;
  • Creating, submitting and editing your recruitment listings;
  • Selecting applicants and searching for applicants;
  • Approving project transportation (V-81) forms (VISTA only); and
  • Financial Status and Progress Reporting.

Program Regulations, Provisions, and Guidance

Federal Financial Management and Grant Administration Requirements

As with all federal grant programs, it is the responsibility of all grantees funded by CNCS to ensure appropriate stewardship of federal funds entrusted to them. Under our regulations, each grantee must maintain financial management systems that provide accurate, current, and complete disclosure of the financial results of its program. To meet this requirement, you must have adequate accounting practices and procedures, internal controls, audit trails, and cost allocation procedures. OMB Circular A-133, Audits of States, Local Governments, and Nonprofit Organizations, requires all organizations to have financial audits if they annually expend $500,000 or more under federal awards. This requirement applies to the organization’s total expenditures each fiscal year under all of its federal awards, not just an AmeriCorps grant.

Civil Rights/Equal Opportunity Requirements

As with all federal grant programs, you must ensure that your programs or activities, including those of any sub-grantees, will be conducted, and facilities operated, in compliance with the applicable civil rights statutes and their implementing regulations. You must obtain assurances of such compliance prior to extending federal financial assistance to sub-grantees. For civil rights purposes, all programs and projects funded or receiving service members under the National and Community Service Act, as amended, are programs or activities receiving federal financial assistance. Please see Civil Rights/Equal Opportunity policies, guidance, and requirements.

Additional Information

Grant Supporting Documents

  • eGrants Visual Instructions (PDF)
  • Appendix B: Performance Measures (PDF)
  • Station Roster Templates
    • If you are using Microsoft Office 2010 Excel please use Template A (ExcelPDF).
    • If you are using any previous version of Microsoft Office Excel (i.e. 97-2003) please use Template B (ExcelPDF). When using this version, please refer to the “Station Types” tab to populate Station Type entries.


Sponsors can request the assistance of AmeriCorps NCCC or AmeriCorps VISTA members for their projects.

AmeriCorps NCCC engages teams of members in projects that typically last from six to eight weeks, addressing critical needs in education, public safety, the environment, and other unmet needs.

AmeriCorps VISTA projects focus on building permanent infrastructure in organizations to help them more effectively bring individuals and communities out of poverty.

Organizations may also receive support through an existing CNCS grantee. For Senior Corps programs, contact your Corporation State Office. For AmeriCorps State programs, contact your State Service Commission

CNCS Monitoring Planning Assessments

CNCS is responsible for ensuring all federal resources are appropriately managed, which includes conducting monitoring visits to award recipients (e.g., grantees, cooperative agreement recipients, sponsors). CNCS moved to a standardized system in Fiscal Year 2006 to help prioritize monitoring activities and more generally allocate CNCS resources for appropriate levels of monitoring, oversight, and technical assistance. As part of this process, we identified a standard set of criteria as being good indicators of potential programmatic or financial vulnerability in the management of federal funds, and we conduct a yearly assessment of each CNCS award using these assessment criteria.

New Funding Opportunities

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