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Veterans and Military Families

  • Posted on Jul 2, 2010
    In between parades and fireworks, carve out some time this weekend to give back to your community.
  • Posted on Dec 9, 2009
    A No Dough Dinner was held Monday evening, November 23, at which members from American Legion Post 129, 233, 316; Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3270; and Fleet Reserve Association Branch 290 -- all known as the Beaches Veterans Association (BVA) -- presented $1900 to John Anderson, Chairman of the Board, Greater Jacksonville USO. BVA holds monthly cook-outs that rotates between organizations. All proceeds goes to the USO No Dough Dinners.
  • Posted on Nov 23, 2009
    In my hometown of Reno, Nevada, about 60 low income, older veterans live in a subsidized-housing complex. Most live alone and have no family living nearby to help. The majority of them have no cars or even telephones. An added complication is that several are physically or mentally disabled.
  • Posted on Oct 16, 2009
    October has been a milestone in our Chapters history with the signing of a "COMMUNITY COVENANT" by our Chapters 1st Vice President, John Snyder, and the Commanders of American Legion Posts 129;316.233; VFW Post 3270; and FRA 290, along with the Mayors of Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach.
  • Posted on Oct 13, 2009
    To most people, digging up dirt and spreading mulch may not sound like a good time. However, that’s exactly what over 30 volunteers of all ages at RAF Mildenhall UK Air Force Base did in early September when they came together to create a remembrance garden for armed services veterans. And they thoroughly enjoyed doing it.
  • Posted on Aug 12, 2009
    On Saturday, August 1st Rebuilding Together Orange County, the nonprofit I'm serving my AmeriCorps term with, held one of their rebuild projects at the Veterans First transitional living facility. Veterans First is the only nonprofit in Orange County, CA offering veterans a wide range of services: case management, counseling, substance abuse programs, job training and placement and homeless shelter.
  • Posted on Aug 7, 2009
    My dad has been in the military for over 25 years. I have been through the hurts that come with deployment and that’s why I started “Sisterhood of the Traveling BDUs” with a friend and won a Do Something grant to help us reach our goals. BDU stands for Battle Dress Uniforms.
  • Posted on Jul 22, 2009
    I am an Episcopal priest and became involved with the Warrior to Citizen Campaign, a grassroots effort to support Minnesota’s returning veterans, in 2007. I was drawn to the organization because it represents the best of civic engagement and living my faith.


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