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  • Posted on Mar 25, 2011
    This post originally appeared on the White House blog on March 24th, 2011.
  • Posted on Mar 24, 2011
    For Anita, the Senior Corps Senior Companions program was a life saver.Ninety-year-old Guadalupe "Lupita" Trujillo has participated in the Senior Companions program through Christian Senior Services for several years. During her hours of service she saved the life of 86-year-old Anita Avalos.
  • Posted on Mar 23, 2011
  • Posted on Mar 23, 2011
    The supermoon wasn’t the only unusual sight to grace Washington D.C. this past week. Monday saw an occurrence just as rare – the meeting of all four living past presidents. President Jimmy Carter, President Bill Clinton, and President George W. Bush came together as part of a tribute to President George H. W. Bush for his commitment to national service and volunteering.
  • Posted on Mar 22, 2011
    This post originally appeared on the White House blog on March 15, 2011 and is part of a month-long series celebrating service.
  • Posted on Mar 21, 2011
    In recent days, the scale and magnitude of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan have emerged through video footage connecting us to the horrific details and aching loss in the aftermath of one of nature’s most violent furies. Early video showed a wall of water sweeping away everything in its path--vehicles, buildings, even fires were escorted by the force of the water.
  • Posted on Mar 18, 2011
    This post originally appeared on the White House blog on March 17, 2011. Since his inauguration, President Obama has emphasized interfaith cooperation and community service – as an important way to build understanding between different communities and contribute to the common good.
  • Posted on Mar 17, 2011
    Last week I joined my good friend Aaron Williams, Director of the Peace Corps, for a lively discussion on the importance of public service with several hundred Howard University students.
  • Posted on Mar 16, 2011
  • Posted on Mar 15, 2011
    This post originally appeared on the National Conference for Volunteering and Service blog on March 14, 2011.  


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