National Service

  • Posted on Mar 28, 2014
    By Wendy Spencer and Jonathan Greenblatt

    The idea of combining service and leadership is one that defined the life of Cesar Chavez. He dedicated his life to bringing attention to the poverty of migrant farmworkers and other segments of the population that were marginalized or overlooked. Chavez also showed us that, no matter how humble our beginnings, we can all accomplish great things.

    Cesar Chavez (Photo by Cesar Chavez Foundation)

    With firsthand knowledge of the life of migrant farmworkers, Chavez wanted to ensure that those working in the fields were treated fairly, and were able to strive for better lives for themselves and their children despite their circumstances. Chavez’s leadership helped families secure a safe place to live, get fair wages for their work, and have the opportunity to obtain an education.

    As leaders of national service and civic participation across America, we value the themes from Chavez’s life story that inspire the work many of national service family members every day.

    During Cesar Chavez Day on March 31, the White House will recognize a group of Americans who are building on his legacy of service as Champions of Change. Two members of our national service family are among those being honored.

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