AmeriCorps: Getting Things Done for Community and Country

On April 12, 2013, 12 AmeriCorps members gathered outside the White House before meeting with President Obama and other White House officials. Front row, from left: Myeasha Taylor; Regina Best; Meghan Dillie; Teng Yang; Jamie Casterton; Kela Harris. Second row: Leonard Chase; Tyler Anger; Stephanie D'Esposito; Ashlyn Ramos; Amy DeLair. Back row: Ernesto Morales; Laysha Ward, Chair, Corporation for National and Community Service Board of Directors; Asim Mishra, Chief of Staff, CNCS; Bill Basl, Director, AmeriCorps.

Every year, about 75,000 Americans raise their right hand and take an oath to get things done for America.

Through service as AmeriCorps members, they make a difference in classrooms, in disaster zones, in neighborhoods impacted by poverty, in the veterans community, and more.

Today, 12 AmeriCorps members had the opportunity to visit the White House and share their service story with President Obama and senior officials.

  • Tyler Anger
    American Legion Auxiliary Call to Service Corps; Washington, DC 
    A two-term AmeriCorps member, Tyler currently works as the AmeriCorps VISTA leader for the American Legion Auxiliary Call to Service Corps, a project that builds volunteer capacity to help alleviate poverty among veterans, military service members, and their families.
  • Regina Best
    Habitat for Humanity; Dallas, TX
    An Air Force veteran, Regina now serves in AmeriCorps as a construction crew leader with the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity where she leads and trains the new homeowners and community volunteers in the construction of low-income housing.
  • Jamie Casterton
    FEMA Corps; Vinton, IA
    A returned Peace Corps volunteer and an AmeriCorps NCCC alum, Jamie currently leads FEMA Corps team Spruce 1 in disaster response and recovery work, most recently including Hurricane Sandy. Because of her experience in AmeriCorps, Jamie will pursue a career in disaster services after her service term.
  • Leonard Chase
    Civic Works; Baltimore, MD
    A native of Baltimore City, Leonard leads communities in the planning, design, and implementation of community gardens in empty lots where once-vacant housing previously stood. He is excited to be able to attend college next year by using his education award.
  • Stephanie D'Esposito
    Community HealthCorps; Washington DC 
    Stephanie coordinates the peer support program at Whitman Walker Health Clinic to provide free one-on-one or group counseling services to members of the LGBT community who are experiencing a variety of issues, ranging from coming out to a recent HIV diagnosis.
  • Amy DeLair
    Playworks; Washington DC 
    As a second year AmeriCorps member with Playworks, Amy works at an elementary school to provide play and physical activity that improves the health and well-being of the students.
  • Meghan Dillie
    Public Allies; Pittsburgh, PA
    Originally from a poor, rural part of Appalachia, Meghan is developing her capacity as a leader with Public Allies. She seeks to create positive change by bringing job training and new skills back to her community.
  • Kela Harris
    Veteran Service Initiative; Washington, DC 
    A U.S. Navy veteran, Kela continued her service by becoming an AmeriCorps member. First serving with City Year, Kela now serves as an AmeriCorps VISTA member with the Veteran Service Initiative, a program that serves military service members and their families in partnership with The George Washington University.
  • Ernesto Morales
    Public Allies; Chicago, IL
    In his service at the the Telpochcalli Community Education Project, Ernesto leads youth violence prevention efforts for the Latino immigrant population of the Little Village community.
  • Ashlyn Ramos
    Teach for America; Washington, DC 
    Ashlyn is currently serving in her second year with Teach For America at Excel Academy Public Charter School in Washington, DC, where her goal is to put students on a path to expanded personal and academic opportunities.
  • Myeasha Taylor
    Civic Works; Baltimore, MD
    As an AmeriCorps member, Myeasha coordinates a garden club that educates urban youth on how to grow and maintain a garden, as well as make healthy eating and lifestyle choices.
  • Teng Yang
    National College Advising Corps; Providence, RI
    Born in a Thailand refugee camp to Hmong parents, Teng came to the United States in 1993. He's currently serving in his second year with the National College Advising Corps, assisting low-income, first generation, and underrepresented students in Rhode Island.

They represent the more than 800,000 AmeriCorps members who have contributed more than one billion hours in service to their country while leveraging millions of community volunteers.

As they serve, they learn that when you help others, you also help yourself. Through their service, AmeriCorps members gain professional experience, learn and sharpen new skills, and earn money to pay for college.

AmeriCorps works. That's why the President has proposed funding to support approximately 82,000 AmeriCorps members next year to help address our nation's greatest challenges and speed our economic recovery.

These AmeriCorps members inspire us all to roll up our sleeves and get things done for our communities and our country.

Asim Mishra currently serves as the Chief of Staff at the Corporation for National and Community Service. He previously served as an AmeriCorps member at Public Allies Chicago.


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