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It's Coming … AmeriCorps Week!

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Samantha Jo Warfield

I Heart AmeriCorps badgeIt hasn't yet begun, but the intertubes are already abuzz with activity about AmeriCorps Week. As we prepare to celebrate this great occasion of all things AmeriCorps, we wanted to share a few ways to connect with us throughout the week.

Social media provides a way for AmeriCorps members and alumni from programs across the country to connect with the larger AmeriCorps network, and feel a part of the greater Ameri-family.

Building on the tremendous success of social media during and following last year's AmeriCorps Week, CNCS has a number of engagement activities planned for AmeriCorps Week 2013 designed to leverage the unique power of the AmeriCorps community.

Below are a few ways to join in on the fun. See you out there!


On Monday, March 11, @AmeriCorps will host a twitter chat (#AmeriChat!) from 1:30 – 2:30 PM EST. We want to take your Ameri-questions and hear your best AmeriStories.


We will use the #ACweek and #AmeriCorpsWorks hashtags. Be sure to use them too, so we can retweet all the great messages you're sharing from the @AmeriCorps account.


AmeriCorps Week badges and graphics will be uploaded to a special gallery on the AmeriCorps Facebook page. Check in regularly as we will have fresh, hot-out-of-the-oven content daily.

Et cetera

And if you're using social media networks not listed (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr) please use the #AmeriCorpsWorks hashtag too. We'd love to be able to see what you're up to on those accounts as well.


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