The AmeriMarriage Diaries: Libby and Bobby Hite

Greg Tucker

The cliché is that opposites attract, but we've learned that some members of our national service family found enough in common to build relationships that led all the way to the altar. These are their stories.

Libby and Bobby Hite (Libby, currently serving as a Corporation for National and Community Service state program specialist in New Hampshire, provided the answers.)

Length of Marriage:
1 year, 6 months

Number of Children:
One furry, four-legged friend – a black lab named Cash.

Where did you meet?
AmeriCorps NCCC - Denver, CO. We served as Team Leaders together.

Striking their best AmeriCorps pose after the Hite wedding are (from left to right) Lindsey Stailing, Tina Kiehn, Brett Tempest, Kelly Kaulfuss, Bethany (Haynes) Haygood, Bobby Hite, Libby (Hanna) Hite, Richard Algra, Brendan Murphy, Jen Prall, Eileen Smart, Barbara Lane, and Sandy Naatz. (Photo by Daniel Aaron Sprague Photography)

What attracted you to your mate?
From day one we made each other laugh. Laughter can get us through anything.

What was your first AmeriDate? 
We are not quite sure when our first date actually was. However, we can be confident that we were probably planting a tree, building a house, and most definitely sporting some khaki BDUs.

Favorite moment of your AmeriYear?
How can I pick just one?! Joining AmeriCorps NCCC was one of the best decisions I've made for so many reasons. A very memorable moment of service was when our team watched a woman in Monmouth, IL, leave her house unassisted for the first time in eight years because of a wheel chair ramp we built. It was totally worth the sweat and hard work put in to see her face that day.

How have you continued your service?
Service is and will be a large part of our new family. To kick off our lives together, we hosted a service project for 50 family and friends as a pre-wedding event at Tanglewood 4-H Camp and Learning Center. Our families were surprised at first that they were picking up loppers and hand saws instead of toasting mimosas at a brunch, but in the end, everyone had fun, and it is what they still talk about today! We had our fellow AmeriCorps Alums polish off their “A”s and serve as Team Leaders for the day. And of course, we incorporated one of the most important things when it comes to service – free T-shirts!


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