Make Service Your Valentine’s Gift

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Greg Tucker

So, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and florists will be scrambling to fill orders and chocolate consumption is expected to rise by maybe a jillion percent. Suppose we take this day dedicated to love and use it to show that we have big hearts by serving or giving to others?

Service is a great way to show your love on Valentine's Day.

Take a moment to look over some ideas for a more giving Valentine's Day that can create memories that last long after that flower arrangement has wilted.

Let's Get It Started: You may be anxious about jumping in if you're new to volunteering. Some groups are holding orientation sessions to discuss the many ways you can get involved with service. You can follow a long lunch with an orientation session with New York Cares or learn more about opportunities before dinner at a Jersey Cares Orientation in Newark. These are two of the organizations working alongside national service members to help area residents affected by Hurricane Sandy.

If I Had a Hammer: It takes a lot of coordination to do the work Habitat for Humanity does to create-low-cost housing opportunities. Habitat Greater San Francisco is hosting an all-day warehouse prep session tomorrow to help them continue their work in the area, you can learn more about the project by visiting their site.

Make a Stand: Volunteering together doesn't take a lot of effort; you just need to make time to help. The group 1 Billion Rising will hold events tomorrow across the country tomorrow to end violence against women, and the Atlanta event is looking for volunteer support.

Give to a Good Cause: There are thousands of aid and advocacy groups working to solve problems across the country. Whether the issue is feeding the hungry, educating needy students, eradicating a disease that has affected someone in your life, or something else, Valentine's Day would be a great day to help the cause with a donation.

We'll Take an IOU: If you're busy tomorrow, we're sure that your help would be welcomed later by any of these organizations, and you can use our search engine find volunteer opportunities all year long.


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