A Brief Timeline of National Service History

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Greg Tucker

Did you know that some of the programs under the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) banner have been in existence for nearly 50 years? We've created a new national service timeline to show how we got to where we are today.

CNCS programs have a lengthy track record of promoting the culture of citizen service that helps meet needs in communities across the nation. And through this service, our volunteers and members gain career and educational opportunities and build character that influences the remainder of their lives.

Our programs spark seniors and retirees to get involved through RSVP; passionately fight domestic poverty with VISTA; answer the president's call to service in AmeriCorps and NCCC; promote proven, inventive solutions to society's toughest problems via the Social innovation Fund; and respond to natural disasters in the newly formed FEMA Corps. Regardless of the forum, we're proud of where we've been and look forward to following our path to the future – wherever it leads.

Click on the graphic below to see the full version, or you can find a text version here.

History of National Service Timeline partial graphic.


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