Sports Wives Describe Favorite Children’s Books

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Members of the group Game Changerz, also known as Sports Wives With Purpose, were in Washington recently, and we took the opportunity to ask them to talk about their favorite children's books and the lessons they teach.

The wives and mothers in Sports Wives With Purpose work to promote social causes and special initiatives that will have a positive influence on society. These women recognize the importance of early childhood education, and the quest to improve reading skills supported by the Let's Read. Let's Move. initiative is one that can continue even when the summer ends.

Tamara J. Davidson suggests The Little Red Hen for young readers.

Tamara J. Davidson – “The Little Red Hen” by Paul Galdone

(Wife of NFL player Kenneth Davidson)

“'The Little Red Hen' by Paul Galdone is my favorite delightfully amazing story for young readers, which teaches perseverance and responsibility. The message is ‘Everyone must be engaged within the community for the Greater Good of Mankind.'"

Tammara McDonald recommends The Ugly Duckling for kids.

Tammara McDonald -- “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen

(Wife of NFL player Ricardo McDonald)

“I find this book very inspiring especially since bullying is so prevalent among youth today. The ugly duckling was teased because he was different from all the other ducks, but lo and behold he finds his place in the world and learns that beauty is only skin deep. He learns the true meaning of beauty and belonging, which is within. The ugly duckling beats all of the odds and overcomes the adversity he faces.”



Sherryl Anthony says the Nursery Rhymes From Mother Goose helped her learn to read when she was growing up.

Sherryl Anthony – “Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose”

(Wife of NFL and CFL player Cornelius Anthony)

"When a child reads 20 to 30 minutes a day, it enhances their success in the classroom. Statistics show that introducing children to nursery rhymes before school age increases their literacy at a young age.

"I love ‘Nursery Rhymes From Mother Goose' because these nursery rhymes introduced me to the reading world and helped me learn how to read."

Stacey Fielder August likes the values The Itsy Bitsy Spider teaches children.

Stacey Fielder August – “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”

(Mother of MLB player Prince Fielder)

“Reading is the gateway to exploring the world, both real and imagined. Reading offers hope and can teach values that offer paradigm shifts of transformation. ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider' is a great book that teaches values of commitment, determination, and resilience.”




Nyesha Jackson-Cavil recommends The Princess and the Pea as one of her favorite childhood stories.

Nyesha Jackson-Cavil – “The Princess and the Pea”

(Wife of NFL player Ben Cavil)

“'The Princess and the Pea' is one of my favorite childhood stories because it teaches to never judge a book by its cover. Greatness can be found in places where it is not expected.”




Diatra James recommends the lessons taught by I've Seen the Promised Land, a story about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Diatra James -- “I've Seen the Promise Land, The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” by Walter Dean Myers, illustrations by Leonard Jenkins

(Wife of NFL player Philip James)

"I love this book because Dr. King desired equality for all. If he were alive today, he would have continued his fight for all men to be created equal. It is so sad that he did not live to see the election of the first African-American president, Barack Obama. I encourage all to read; education is powerful."



Trina Harris likes the lesson The Three Little Pigs teaches kids.

Trina Harris – “The Three Little Pigs” by Paul Galdone

(Wife of NFL player Walt Harris)

“I love this book because it is a life lesson on building your hopes and dreams on strong foundations. When the storms of life come, your house will stand.”


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