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NewspapersGiving Back, Moving Forward
Robesonian (NC), July 15, 2012
It's all part of AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associates program, where paid high school and college volunteers have enlisted to work with Sacred Pathways in youth programs until July 28. Read more >>

Volunteer Is Making Polk's Seniors Computer Literate
The Ledger (FL), July 16, 2012
Since January 2010, Ford has devoted his time to Polk County's RSVP program, teaching computer classes for the Rath Senior ConNEXTions and Education Center at the University of South Florida in Lakeland. Read more >>

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs Short on Funds
Forbes, July 16, 2012
“The market looks bleak for everyone, but particularly for the youngest generation in our country right now,” said Samantha Warfield, a spokesperson for the Corporation for National and Community Service, which runs AmeriCorps. “The economy has struggled; Americans have looked for non-traditional options.” Read more >>

Foster Grandparent Program
Huffington Post, July 17, 2012
The Foster Grandparent Program of Northern Nevada is rekindling just those relationships by sending volunteer grandparents into schools across Northern Nevada. Read more>>

How To Do Good Work That Will Pay Off Your Student Loans
Forbes, July 17, 2012
Other programs funded through the federal government that have loan repayment incentives include AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps. Read more >>

Backpacks Help Children Explore Nature
Mountain View Telegraph (NM), July 19, 2012
According to Heather Toman, an Americorps summer volunteer who helped put the backpack program together, the real goal is just to give kids a toehold that will help them on their way to becoming outdoor enthusiasts. Read more >>

Doing Time, Not Homework
Real Change (WA), July 18, 2012
Literacy AmeriCorps runs the women's GED certificate program at the jail. Two AmeriCorps members work at the jail. They find people to tutor inmates in the GED curriculum and lead classes for the women. Read more >>

Philanthropic Federal Program Raises Over $1.8 Billion for Nonprofits
Fog City Journal (LA), July 16, 2012
A Billion + Change is a national campaign launched in 2008 with the ambitious goal of raising billions of dollars in pro bono, skills-based pledges from businesses, resource commitments benefiting nonprofits across the country and around the world. During a forum held at the White House in June, officials announced as much $1.8 billion has been pledged to date from 200 businesses. Read more >>

Energy Express Bring Out Volunteer Spirit
The Pocahontas Times (WV), July 19, 2012
AmeriCorp Energy Express is an eight week summer reading program dedicated to helping low income children increase or maintain their reading levels. Read more >>

FoodCorps Brings Kids Closer to What They Eat
Washington Post News (DC), July 16, 2012
We send these leaders into communities with limited resources to teach healthy eating — as a member of the AmeriCorps Service Network, we are sort of a Peace Corps for school food. Read more >>


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