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Joplin By the Numbers

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Disaster Response and Recovery

Volunteers and AmeriCoprs members stop for a group shot after completing work on a home that was cleared of debris completely to the foundation. (Photo by Scott Julian, 2011)From Left to Right: Thomas LaPlante (Volunteer), Chris McIndoo (AmeriCorps NCCC), Thomas Keith (AmeriCorps NCC), Stephen Holingsworth (AmeriCorps NCCC), David Hecht (AmeriCorps NCCC), Joe Knox (AmeriCorps NCCC), Gerard Brokerhof (Blue hat and blue shirt, Volunteer), Andrew Fijan (Volunteer), Skip Robinson (Volunteer), Gil Limas (AmeriCorps NCCC).

Donations from around the country piled up and volunteers turned out in droves in the days and weeks that followed last year's devastating May 22 tornado in Joplin, MO. City officials estimate that Joplin received donated resources and volunteer hours totaling $17.7 million, the largest amount in Missouri's history and the largest amount ever recorded in FEMA's Region VII.

This type of response is a testament to the generosity of the American people and National Service is proud to have been there to witness it. A year later, AmeriCorps is still there helping Joplin get back on its feet.

359 AmeriCorps Members Who Have Served in Joplin
76,879 Hours Served by AmeriCorps Members
75,786 Volunteers Coordinated through AmeriCorps Recovery Center
520,102 Volunteer Hours Reported by AmeriCorps Recovery Center
2,222 Volunteer Groups Registered
2,226 Completed Homeowner Requests
6,053 Damage or Needs Assessments Completed
20,000 Meals Served in Disaster Areas
732 Homes Mucked and/or Gutted
129,479 Total Volunteers
798,623 Total Volunteer Hours

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