Life After AmeriCorps Times: Why Recognizing Service Matters

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Having just wrapped up National AmeriCorps Week, another big week is now taking place: National Volunteer Week, April 15-21, 2012. This week is an opportunity for nonprofit organizations and national service members and alumni to be recognized and celebrated for their efforts. It's also an opportunity for AmeriCorps Alums to tell their story of service, and shine a light on the value of national service in our nation.

AmeriCorps Alums marketing materials for AmeriCorps Week

There are over 775,000 alumni of AmeriCorps, and AmeriCorps Alums provides a strong network for individuals to continue serving in their life after AmeriCorps. National Volunteer Week is a time for us to recognize our chapters, chapter leaders, and Alumni members for dedicating their time and energy to advancing service and leadership in this country.

Through their stories of service, and their pursuit of a lifetime of service, AmeriCorps Alums embody the values of AmeriCorps and are a community of leaders making change locally and nationally.

Whether as social entrepreneurs or serving as one of our local chapter leaders, we are grateful for the work of our alumni who are models for keeping service an integral part of their lives. Thanks to the volunteers and alumni members whose commitment to service keeps our team doing what we do!

As part of recognizing the value of our members, we want to continue to be able to offer member benefits that will help them in their life after AmeriCorps. We want to give alums the tools and resources to follow their chosen career path. Join us on April 17, 2012 at 12 pm EDT for our Career Development Webinar on 'How to Highlight AmeriCorps on your Resume.” As more companies are recognizing the importance of service experience in careers, make sure your employer is impressed by the skills you learned. Register here.

This National Volunteer Week, alums across the country can continue sharing their service story. Tell a friend or family member why you served. Let the public know that your volunteer story is part of America's story. Share your AmeriCorps service story here.

Ben Duda is a three-time AmeriCorps alum and the Executive Director of AmeriCorps Alums. You can read previous Life After AmeriCorps Times entries here.

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