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Veterans and Military Families

Service has many meanings. To a member of the Armed Forces, service is duty, pride, and honor. Those of us who wear – or have worn – the uniform have a deep sense of conviction and purpose.

A career in the Armed Forces demands selfless service and above-average performance at every turn, a responsibility not taken lightly. For the veterans and military families who want to instill the same sense of duty, pride, and honor in their communities, the Corporation for National and Community Service needs you.

Veterans participate in a Habitat for Humanity home build with Mission Serve on Veterans Day 2011.

As the federal agency tasked to lead the President's call to service activities, the Corporation for National and Community Service recognizes that veterans have much to offer. Whether it is a set of professional skills, the value of time management, or the ability to keep their word the agency acknowledges that this group of Americans is well-suited to be service leaders. Such an attitude is supported by the families who live this lifestyle and echo the beliefs of duty, pride and honor.

While it's true that veterans and military families need the support of Americans as their minds and bodies heal and as adjustments take place, these heroes, you leaders, have much to offer.

With a unique set of skills and leadership abilities, veterans and military families can help close the mentoring gap that exists in our country, work to restore discipline in our schools, tutor a struggling child who has lost hope, lead disaster recovery efforts, expand opportunities for peer-to-peer professional development and mentorship, and challenge Americans to give more of their time, resources, energy, and talents to participate in national and community service activities as a means to create opportunities, improve lives, and strengthen communities.

A brighter future lies ahead if veterans and military families have the opportunity to lead after their military obligation is over. Your expertise is needed in order to build an America that last.

As a veteran and a member of the National Guard, serving my community and nation in time of peace and war is what my family and I have lived with for 12 years, and we look forward to 20 more. This is my duty, pride deeply rooted in my work, and I am honored to be both the 1% and the 99% that use service as a solution to solve problems.

The Corporation needs more people to do the same beyond holidays and in times of crises. Go to to start and expand your service.

Clay Middleton is the Acting Director for the Center of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the Corporation for National and Community Service, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Bronze Star Medal recipient, and currently a Captain in the South Carolina Army National Guard as Bravo Co. 198th Signal Battalion Company Commander.

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