AmeriCorps Week and NCVS: Shining A Spotlight on Service

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This post originally appeared on the NCVS blog on May 17, 2011.

National Service and Volunteerism are about to have their time in the spot light. Over the next few weeks there are two big events, National AmeriCorps Week, taking place May 14th-21st, and the National Conference on Volunteering and Service (NCVS).

The timing on this couldn’t be better!

National AmeriCorps Week and NCVS perfectly flow into each other.

Think about it. National AmeriCorps Week is focused on not just celebrating the work of AmeriCorps but also spreading the word and encouraging its growth.

Chapters in cities all over the country are setting up service projects and events throughout next week.

AmeriCorps Alumni and current members will be working along-side community volunteers and civic leaders on projects ranging from tree plantings, to food drives, to massive Habitat for Humanity blitz builds!

But beyond the service projects, community round tables and rallies are also being organized to help encourage the conversation on National Service and Volunteerism and their role in our communities. These roundtables and discussions are the perfect transition into the NCVS.

Fresh off a week of service, community activism, and discussion; civic leaders, organization heads, AmeriCorps leaders, national service alums, and community members will be gathering in New Orleans for a conference on service and volunteering.

This is a perfect time for people to reflect on the experiences from the week before, discuss ideas shared at round tables, and collaborate on new ideas for recruiting and engaging volunteers.

Now the odds are that most people aren’t going to be able to attend both an AmeriCorps Week event AND the National Conference on Volunteering and Service. But that’s ok, you can at least do one!

Unable to attend NCVS? You can go here and find and register for project or event going on in your area. If you can’t find one in your area, go ahead and start one! You can also register your project at the site so that other volunteers in your community can find the opportunity.

AmeriCorps Week provides the perfect opportunity to volunteer and discuss the impact of and need for service in your community.

The National Conference on Volunteering and Service provides a place where these ideas and needs can be shared and discussed along with methods and solutions.

Don’t let these two great opportunities pass you by.

Get involved today.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to serve!

Jeremy Exellis the Program Associate for AmeriCorps Alums. He served 3 years in AmeriCorps, first as a Corps Member then as a Team Leader in AmeriCorps NCCC, and then as a VISTA in West Virginia.

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