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The Service News Digest will be a new feature on the Serve.Gov blog. Each week, we will showcase news highlights that feature national service. Take a look at some of the great stories that had people talking today.

Obama's Budget Battle

E.J. Dionne, The Washington Post

“A telling example: The party that purports to love community and church-based efforts to help the poor and downtrodden even zeroed out AmeriCorps, the national service program that has long enjoyed support across party lines. AmeriCorps, remember, gives out small grants that leverage an enormous amount of voluntary work for the groups George W. Bush used to praise as "the armies of compassion."

Innovation Helping Local Kids Beat the Odds

Patrick Corvington, Cincinnati Enquirer


Patrick A. Corvington, CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service, pens an Op-Ed on the success of Social Innovation Fund grantees in the Greater Cincinnati Area in promoting innovative solutions that prepare local youth for academic and social success from kindergarten and beyond.



AmeriCorps Program Among Potential Casualties of GOP Cuts

Bob Greene, WWL-TV (New Orleans)

Report by WWL-TV on how proposed budget cuts to AmeriCorps would wipe out programs helping Hurricane Katrina victims rebuild their homes and their lives.

Why Conservatives Should Love AmeriCorps, Not Kill It

Shirley Sagawa, The Huffington Post


“Three decades ago, President Ronald Reagan called for a bigger role for charities in solving the problems of the country. He looked to volunteers to play a bigger role. But volunteers aren't free-- somebody needs to recruit them and manage them -- and charities often struggle for resources, especially during down economies. AmeriCorps members, by recruiting and supervising community volunteers, make it possible for millions of people to make a real difference. As a result, the charitable sector is stronger and volunteers more effective, thereby lessening the need for greater government spending.”

Volunteer Grandma Gives Love to James City County Preschool Children

Cara Anthony, Hampton Roads Daily Press


Foster Grandparents making a difference in the lives of children in James City, VA.

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