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Veterans and Military Families

Earlier today, First Lady Michelle Obama sent this letter to military families and military family service organizations. We wanted to share it with you as part of our commitment to serve to our military families.

Dear Friends:

On Thursday, I am joining some amazing military families on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and I hope you are able to watch.

I was so glad to share with Oprah and her viewers some of the stories I have heard over the past few years from service members and their families. Their strength, courage, and willingness to sacrifice without complaint is truly awe inspiring. As you know, military families don’t often ask for help, because they are trained to buckle down and make it through. That is why all Americans have a responsibility to lift up these remarkable families and encourage them to tell their stories. One of my heroes joined us in the studio, and as you will see her personal journey sheds light on the unique issues our military families face as only her story can. I also had the opportunity to announce that Dr. Jill Biden and I are launching a major initiative in March where we will ask the country to take action in supporting military families.

This appearance marks only the beginning of our efforts to encourage all sectors of our society to help address the needs and tap the potential of our troops and their families. Please know that Jill and I will continue to lend our voices to these issues and work to ensure all military families have the support they have earned.

I look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead. I wish you all the best.


Michelle Obama
First Lady of the United States

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