Volunteers and Veterans Construct a Community Garden

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Veterans and Military Families
On Saturday, May 8th, 2010, a group of veterans and other volunteers arrived at 21 acres to prepare a Veteran Pea Patch for planting. 21 acres is a non-profit, dedicated to assisting the Woodinville, Washington community and surrounding areas in providing pea patches for local citizens and larger sites for groups that have a constituency.

A Vet Corps member, Jonathan Phillips, organized the event and with the help of other Vet Corps members and Veterans Conservation Corps staff. In total, 18 people (3 Vet Corps members, 2 VCC staff, 4 other veterans, 8 baby boomers in the mix, and several other civilians) worked all day on clearing brush, moving manure around the ½ acre site, and constructing a wire fence around the pea patch. The land will be used to grow vegetables, etc. 1/3 for the veteran’s personal use, 1/3 for the food bank, and 1/3 for 21 acres to sell or use. At the front of the Veteran pea patch there will eventually be raised beds, as funds can be raised, for disabled veterans and veterans in wheelchairs to move around on wood chip paths.

It was a sunny day, enjoyed by all, with only a few minor scratches.

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