Let's Read. Let's Move + 4H = Lots of reading, moving, and healthy eating

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Earlier this month, the United We Serve team launched its Let’s Read. Let’s Move. initiative. Let’s Read. Let’s Move. has three simple goals: increase opportunities for Americans to use service to promote physical activity; expand access to healthy and affordable food; and prevent summer learning loss in Ameria’s kids.

We aren't going to successfully achieve thse goals alone. It is our hope that through strategic partnerships with organizations who focus on getting kids moving, reading and eating healthy foods, we will be able to make a significant impact.

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with 4H -- the community of six million young people across America. With clubs in each county, 4H will be a vital partner by encouraging its members to:

  • With a long history of learning-based projects, 4H will be involved in community gardens in 38 states this summer.
  • Through clubs and camps, 4H will be promote the President’s Active Lifestyle Challenge as a way to encourage and engage youth in physical activity.
  • By providing resources and toolkits to 3000 county 4-H programs, members will collect produce from farmers markets, county fairs, and other locations and deliver to emergency food systems.

Check out this great story of service that exemplifies exactly what Let's Read. Let's Move. is all about -- read about how the Mason County (WA) 4H group built a community around a garden that turned into a “catalyst” for community change.

Learn more about 4H by visiting 4-H.org.

Learn more about Let's Read. Let's Move by visiting Serve.gov/Summer.

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