Geeks for Good and MLK Day

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Robyn is a Learn and Serve AmeriCorps VISTA team member in Lansing, Michigan. This is her MLK Day story of service.

I spent most of my MLK Day in silence. The sound of keyboards clicking was pretty much the only sound that you heard during my service project. The only weather we faced was a draft in the cafe that forced us to keep our coats on. And at the end of the day all of our hard work fit on a single tiny flash drive.

And it marked a change in the way we do service.

Think of how much time an average college student spends on Facebook. Think of how many people there are out there who love designing posters. Think of what could be accomplished if we could use people's super powers for good! Geeks for Good was founded with the mission to rebuild Michigan one geek at a time. We believe that we can harness all of that creative energy and use it to better our community.

I founded Geeks for Good to match volunteers with social media, web, and graphic design experience to nonprofits who need them. At our MLK Day project we created posters, redesigned flyers, wrote recommendations for website improvements, gave web hosting advice, created Facebook pages, and more. Our small team of four volunteers helped seven nonprofit partners on over a dozen projects.

We're just getting the ball rolling.

I believe that Michigan already has everything it needs to create a brighter future. We have the creativity of Motown, the innovation of the assembly line, and the social consciousness of the six hour work day. The only think Michigan needs to rebuild is the bright hopes and dreams and the hard work of Michiganders.

What I've already learned from building Geeks for Good is that there are opportunities for everyone to do good work in their community while doing something they love. Service is changing. It is no longer limited to spending a day cleaning a river (though that is good too!) it can be spent in a chilly cafe on a laptop.

So I now ask you my, friends, followers, geeks lend me your ears! We've got great opportunities for you to use your powers of good and change your community with a website or a Facebook post!

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