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Wisconsin Fraternals Help Community Year Round

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Community Renewal

For over 100 years, volunteer members of Western Fraternal Life Association Lodge #144 in Mosinee, Wiscons continue to serve the community by addressing the most pressing local needs.

This year on Valentine’s Day we took dessert and edible prizes to an assisted living home for mentally challenged adults. An afternoon of Bingo and socializing took place.  For the residents, this is one of the most anticipateddays of the year.

For “Join Hands Day” we continued the tradition of working with the four year old HEADSTARTstudents of the Mosinee School District. We help students in decorating flowerpots and planting flowers for their mothers for Mother’s Day. The children are taught about plant needs and how to correctly plant annuals. Cookies and ice cream are served as treats. The teachers always welcome us back.

Every spring we do a flower planting project with kindergartners at the private school in Mosinee. Ice cream and cookies and a stuffed animal are shared with the youngsters. In the Fall of the year these same children, as first graders now, have their backpacks and all the necessary school supplies donated by Lodge #144.

During the year we raise money and are able to offer two scholarships to seniors at Mosinee High School. For several years we have been purchasing items (food, personal hygiene products, socks, luxuries, etc.) to send as a “goody” box to the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. These boxes have been well-received by the military personnel, they appreciate knowing their hard work and sacrifices are acknowledged by folks from back home.

No event is appreciated more by the community than the ones that benefit local veterans. They are given a ride in a wagon pulled by Belgian horses as they participate in the Memorial Day and Fourth of July parades. All of these projects and moreare completed by six members committed membersof Lodge Rip #144 Mosinee, Wisconsin.

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