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I have taken the call of our President. I started an organization in my Community called ' Wheels for Education " . What we do is take students from the inner city of Philadelphia to College campuses. Education is the key that will unlock the doors for these children.

We took our first tour to Lincoln University. If you could see the light in those students it was first time they had seen a college campus. At the end of our first tour every student asked for an application.

Our next tour is to Morgan State University in early November.  I am so inspired. I am supported by the churches in my neighborhood. I would love to see this initiative go nationwide. It is hard to aspire to something you have never seen. Many of these students come from families that have not gone to college or do not know how to apply for financial aide.

Our mission is to empower our youth to go to college through College and University Tours and continued support through the application process.

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