Helping to Keep the Veterans' Memory Alive

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I have been working with American WWII veterans since 1994, making many of them guests of honor where once they were in combat. To make certain their stories will not be forgotten but integrated in European archives and taught at schools, I have arranged a multitude of interviews and receptions for them.

One wish that most of them expressed during reunions are photos to become more readily available. Many do not have the financial resources or the research skills to utilize archives. Now, I am looking for ways to place copies of my new photo book VALHALLA FINALE into libraries of VA homes or hospitals. It is such a small gesture and the veterans know that their memory will not be lost. These photos live in history.

Now, my own daughter has joined the army and served in Iraq, Germany and at Walter Reed. At the end of this, I will be able to keep her memory in these books too.

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