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Youth Ministry in Service

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Community Renewal

Beaver Falls is a typical western Pennsylvania city. It is the home of the Tigers, Geneva College and Joe Namath. It is also the home of Tiger Pause Youth Ministry. Tiger Pause has been gracing their local community with service for over 20 years. They focus the majority of their energy on the youth, offering after school educational programs, summer camp, mentoring, sports programs, financial literacy classes, and job shadowing.

However, Tiger Pause has also been focusing on reaching out to the community at large. Recently, they opened a Furniture Bank for low income families to purchase donated second-hand furniture, as well as a community miniature golf course with free admission. In July, Tiger Pause Youth Ministry, with the help of volunteer groups from Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and St. Burry's Church, completed a myriad of service projects targeting the goal of community renewal.

Highlights of these efforts include: tree removal for a local business, replacement of damaged sidewalks (with hand-mixed cement), weed and trash pick-up, organization of the aforementioned Furniture Bank, completion of the community miniature golf course, and assistance providing free lunches to their underprivileged neighbors. Click HERE to find more volunteer opportunities at Tiger Pause Youth Ministry.

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