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An Ongoing Conversation with the Troops

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I have been battling some medical conditions. I use to be flat in bed for five and a half, and now live with daily chronic pain. However, I have been sending all handwritten letters to the troops since Nov. 2000.

I have received more mail from service members than from my own friends and family. They write how much receiving a letter of support means to them. My Books for Soldiers, friends laugh and say my wrists must be made out of steel. When I write a letter, it lets me express myself and my patriotism beyond my house.

When I get a letter back, it reminds me of what my country means from the eyes of those on the frontlines. Recently I received a folded flag flown in my honor and fighting this war on terrorism. Everyday, I am made aware of their sacrifices. I hope that other people come to understand the value of our soldiers. I have saved all the letters!

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